Our Services


Digital Director

Alex is often deployed as a consulting "digital director", driving new concepts forward through initial funding to large scale adoption. This role includes marketing, operations, ecommerce, public relations, SWOT and of course staffing. For many "brilliant ideas" there is a critical mass that must be achieved before ROI. Alex knows how to get you there and will control the steps as per your investment plans.

Social Media

From 'Kickstarters' needing an instant community voice to global companies with 10M plus fans, we've seen and helped at every stage. Of course we work closely with Facebook, Twitter and Google but our success is in knowing what not to do as much as what you should. We're realistic, experienced and happy to involve you in the process. We can manage your accounts, create everything from scratch or hop in for a specific boost or sub-project. We helped to invent social media and we continue to drive it.

Public relations

If you need a specific blogger to cover your work, we can do that. If you need the most credible journalists in the city to answer your email, we can do that too. Working side by side with a top London PR agency, we can guide you through the tricky waters of public relations. We were one of the first groups of people in the world to manage blogger outreach and we have the success cases to show you. Being based outside of London but part of the city network, we're an affordable alternative.

Clients and awards

"I've worked with many of the top agencies in the world. I help them to win awards and I keep my client list discreet. Pop in for coffee and I'll show you cool stuff, such as how I've assisted a $1bn US company break the UK market and how I once created the biggest cult in the world ;) References are available and key clients have retained me for 5+ years." AD Sass


Working structure

Having spent a decade in London and another in large towns, Hyperworld (well, Alex and his dog!) have relocated to the countryside. Everything apart from our meeting rooms (located a short walk from Cheltenham Spa station) now operates from a 16th century cottage in the fields. Luckily we have super awesome broadband! Most clients communicate with us through email & Skype.



Although best known for work in the social media sector (Alex was one of the first in the UK to specifically serve this niche), training has been successfully delivered on all forms of digital marketing. Locations have included the UK, USA, Serbia, Netherlands and France. Often to the whole BOD, sometimes to individual entrepreneurs or charities wishing to step ahead. Feedback has been awesome :)


Some of our top ecommerce clients have been with us for multiple years. We typically handle all of their online ad-spend (Google Adwords etc) plus provide an ongoing analysis of success. It's usual for us to negotiate terms, integrate with surrounding campaigns and suggest funnel activity to improve client retention and returns. It's not unusual for us to spend £1m+ on a single domain but we're also happy chatting to someone with a great idea that simply needs the first sales. This is our world.


Alex worked with agencies for 14 years and took his work in-house for the last 6. In that time, Hyperworld Control has been acceptably successful. Enough to help fund and attract investment into our own projects. Take a look at PostMood.com, our tool to help the whole world see "how they come across" on Facebook. It's making huge waves and the data we hold is both unique and intimidating. Talk to us about your ideas. We'll let you know if we can help. Our day rate for business consultation is attractive to inventors!

Understanding how people interact in the real world is a must for anyone involved in the digital one and that’s what you get with Alex. Never afraid to question the current trends and deliver results based on years of experience. I’d take one of Alex over 100 other digital experts I’ve worked with.
— R. Harrisson, client.