Our Hyperworld

Hyperworld Control was created in 2012 to contain the consulting services of leading digital marketing expert, Alex Sass. With 20 years experience in emerging technologies, Alex has driven the IT industry in social media innovation, PPC, SEO and digital outreach. Put simply, whatever the brand, we control the traffic, customers and reputation. We don't build websites, we drive them! We work directly with our own clients and through large PR firms, adding the specialist consulting they require to provide a full service offering. Together we've won numerous awards and accolades and helped shape the UK marketing curve.

"Throughout my career I've been fascinated by the interface between technology and human relationships. Early on I helped to create the Intranets and Extranets that united specific industries. As social media emerged, I was on the ground to create, incubate and then manage my own social networks. In time, large clients sought my skills and I've been proud to assist on significant projects for the UK Government (including the Arts Council & DTI) and global brands such as Under Armour, Converse, Mini and BAYER. Today I both invest in and consult on all aspects of digital marketing success. Hyperworld is my home." AD Sass